Gaining Sponsorship in Motorsport

Before delving into the intricacies of securing sponsorship, it’s essential to grasp its significance in the dynamic world of motorsport. Participating in motorsport comes with considerable costs, encompassing the acquisition and maintenance of a competitive vehicle, along with the various expenses tied to race involvement, such as tires, tools, paddock shelters, and hospitality.

Distinct from many other sports, motor racing demands a substantial upfront investment before a driver can even enter the competitive arena. This financial commitment spans from young talents engaging in competitive karting at local circuits to seasoned professionals participating in televised events worldwide. In essence, without the financial means to race, participation becomes an unattainable goal.

Research indicates that a comprehensive club racing season, inclusive of equipment, gear, and associated fees, can amount to approximately £75,000 per season. Racing in the BTCC, especially with an independent team, can escalate costs to around £250,000. It’s noteworthy that only a select few drivers receive payment for their racing endeavors. Consequently, sponsorship assumes a pivotal role in sustaining a driver’s career by furnishing the essential funds required for participation and, ideally, for achieving excellence.

For those seriously committed to competing, whether in drifting, karting, racing bikes, or cars, securing motorsport sponsorship becomes a prerequisite. 

Mark Thompson

Driver / Director  Mark Thompson is the owner/director of our group of companies. A fiercely competitive driver, Mark strives for continuous improvement in his racing performance.  

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott  Driver / Director  Andrew Scott has been with the group of companies since day one and is the engineer behind Gala Performance’s exclusively developed pit and paddock solutions. Andrew is a passionate and dedicated member of the team’s squad.  


Nathan Lord

Nathan Lord  Driver / Brand Manager  Nathan is the newest member of the team, having joined the group in 2016 and the race team in 2022. Nathan is a focused driver whose performances so far have surpassed expectations.

Sponsor Gala Performance Racing

Gala Performance Racing’s inception comes from our own experiences of acting as a sponsor for a successful race team. In 2016, Gala Tent provided a substantial sponsorship package to Zac Brown-owned endurance team United Autosports, to put Christian England into the seat of a Ligier LMP3 to compete in the European Le Mans Series. Our car went on to win the championship with races to spare, and the experience was the catalyst for our company directors Mark Thompson and Andrew Scott to begin their own journey into competitive motorsport.  

They began racing in 2018, making significant improvements year-on-year. In 2022, the duo were joined by avid petrolhead Nathan Lord, and now the Gala Performance Racing roster looks to take the 2024 season by the horns and bring home some silverware.

Our Vision

To become a consistent grid leader in any series we participate in.

Our Mission

To increase the brand awareness and credibility of Gala Performance and our associated partners through winning regular silverware. 

Our Car

Despite its small engine, the Citroen C1 provides an exceptional racing experience, especially when pushed to its limit for up to 24 hours alongside up to 100 other vehicles. Our vehicle is full race specification.

The livery will be refreshed for the 2024 season, with brand new eye-catching designs that have logo placement opportunities for sponsors.  

Event Calendar

Event Location Date
3hr Endurance
6th April 2024
24hr Endurance
11-12th May 2024
3hr Endurance
Donington Park
23rd June 2024
3hr Endurance
21st July 2024
3hr Endurance
Brands Hatch Indy
18th August 2024
3hr Endurance
Silverstone National
28th September 2024
12hr Endurance
Anglesey Race of Remembrance
9-10th November 2024

What we can do for you

We’re dedicated to delivering top results to our sponsorship partners at the highest level.  

Logos & Links

All sponsors will receive logo placement on vehicles and websites, with valuable backlinks from multiple domains to increase organic web traffic to your company website.  

Tickets & Hospitality

We can offer complimentary tickets and VIP experiences to any for our sponsors, including pit garage access and hospitality. 

Creative Content

Our marketing team can deliver and share high quality creative digital content across multiple social media accounts and platforms to over 20,000 followers.

Social Media Activity 

We will create and deliver regular sponsor-specific messages via social media to drive web traffic and raise brand awareness. Sponsors may provide their own timely messages, for example a sale promotion or new product launch. 

Website Profiles

Financial sponsors will receive dedicated landing pages on our team and company websites. Pages will include on-brand company profile, product and service summaries, plus calls to action and contact information.    

Guest driver and vehicle appearances 

Financial sponsors will have an opportunity to have our drivers and vehicle appear for PR and company events.  

Business Relationships 

We have a large network of business relationships both inside and outside of motorsport. We will commit to connecting our sponsors with relevant decision makers within our network. Gala Performance’s position as a motorsport supplier presents opportunities to gain access to other high-profile events and teams to build relationships with.  

Gala Performance Racing in Numbers 

  • Established in 2018

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  • Races entered: 24

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  • Highest Position: P2

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  • Hours raced: 172+

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  • Circuits driven: 10

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Sponsorship Levels


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